Timeless Designs

Timeless Designs

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At Berlin, we give our patrons the best of cosmopolitan living in the heart of Kerala’s most happening locations. The contemporary designs used in our villas are inspired by international standards and we have put together the best of luxury and utility to give your family an exceptional lifestyle in your own backyard- Cochin. Through each of our projects, we provide customers with spaces that easily transition from the outdoors to the indoors making sure your loved ones get all the natural light, air and greenery to keep the positive vibes going on throughout the day. 

Welcome to Berlin Constructions


Berlin constructions is a property development company which undertakes both independent construction of Luxury Villas in Kochi and contracting projects. We build houses, using innovative construction techniques and each of our houses employ a Minimal Yet Striking Design. 

Since 2013, we as a builder in Kochi have successfully completed 10 projects consisting of 25,000 sq.ft of built up area and ensured we have a lasting relationship with each of our clients.